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Rich flavor Easy drinking Craft Ales


Our beers

We make unfiltered and unpasteurized beers using 4 main ingredients:
water, barley malt, hops and yeast.
Sometimes we like to give to our beers a special touch using spices and typical genuine ingredients coming from our region.


Our philosophy

How we like it...

Rich flavor

Ingredients are important to us! That’s why our beers have the intense flavor of the ingredients we use.

Easy drinking

High drinkability is our first ingredient! When you taste a good beer, you probably would like to drink it again!

Craft ales

We are artisans and we like to make what we like to drink!


Who we are

MC77 was born from our passion for craft beer.
We experienced our first beer tastings while studying at the university in Rome and we felt in love with the unexpected fragrance of hops and yeast; then we discovered that beers offered an unbelievable range of tastes and flavors.
Little by little our random interest became something different, we started to have beers on the brain and our beloved drink became the leitmotif of all our experiences: books, going out with friends, trips and more…
In the meanwhile we got in touch with the home brewing and we enjoyed playing with cauldrons, ingredients and raw materials for years. Moreover, we often used to get in our car and leave from Rome, during the weekend, to reach our home brewery where we could talk about beers and get prepared for the next day boiling.
Our name is indeed a tribute to that road we used to drive. That road that gave birth to our beers is the road along which this dream came true.
This is our way.

  • Cecilia Scisciani
    Co-founder & Brewmaster
  • Matteo Pomposini
    Co-founder & Brewmaster


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MC77 - Birrificio Artigianale snc - Via Enrico Mattei 4 - 62020 Serrapetrona (MC)
P.IVA 01799570435